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Are you ready to feel like you've had an amazing night's sleep?

I help exhausted moms and dads get their babies and  toddlers sleeping through the night. They have endured months of no sleep, tried everything, and are desperate for help.

I coach parents through a gentle process that will have their child peacefully sleeping through the night -  leaving them refreshed, recharged and loving parenthood.

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Caroline was a godsend for my husband and I (and our baby boy!) We were desperate for a change in our household. Baby was in our bed (for 7 months). Hubby on the couch. Mommy awake with EVERY wiggle and turn.  Yikes. I had considered hiring a sleep consultant and had no idea just how valuable they would be to me. I'm telling you, Caroline was/IS worth every penny!

~Lauren M.,
Round Rock, TX

Our seven month old girl used to wake about 7 x per night and would fall asleep only while rocking or breastfeeding. Thanks to Caroline, our baby is now falling asleep on her own and stays asleep all night long. Caroline adapted the program to our needs and our schedule, she was really responsive. Her help was precious, I couldn't have hope for a better result and can't thank her enough.

~Celia B., Astoria, NY