Sleep Tune Up!

Maybe you're not quite sure what you need, but know you need SOME help! I offer a "Do it Yourself" solution to get your baby's sleep back on track. 

Your child is a decent sleeper, but you just returned from vacation and you're now paying the price for those sunny days frolicking on the beach . . . 

Your baby just started daycare and sleep is suddenly all over the place. You have a hot, cranky, mess on your hands and you don't know what to do . . .

You heard that developmental milestones cause sleep regressions and boy do you have one of those on your hands now. SEND HELP!

You have no idea what on earth happened, but all of a sudden your kiddo is waking up multiple times throughout the night and you are lost as to how to fix it . . . 

I help exhausted parents find gentle and effective solutions for their children's sleep challenges! Rest assured I can help you figure this thing out.

The Sleep Tune Up includes:


Preliminary Evaluation

I’ll send you a simple questionnaire where you’ll share details of your child’s current day-to-day activity and nighttime situation. Your thorough response to this questionnaire will provide me the insight I need to guide you in the right direction. 


Let's Fix This Phone Consult

We'll have a 45 to 60 minute phone call where I'll share my suggestions to your child's sleep challenge.  I'll outline a step-by-step plan for you to start implementing NOW to get great results moving forward. 




Okay, this sounds GREAT, but you think you need just a little more support to make sure you're implementing everything right. After all, you have no time to waste! You want some day-to-day guidance and accountability . . .  I got you mama!

The Sleep Tune Up Plus also includes:

Unlimited Email Support
You'll have unlimited email access to me every single day for ten days as we work together. I'll also create an on-line baby sleep diary, so you can fill in what's happening with your baby on the daily. I'll check this every morning and provide feedback so that you are certain you are doing everything correctly to get your baby back to sleeping well!


Progress Call
You'll have a  20 minute call with me you can schedule anytime during our ten days together. We can use this time to talk more in depth about any challenges, concerns or baby sleep in general!



Ready to get back to the way things were ASAP?! Let's do this!

Step 1:  

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult, you can do that right here.

Step 2:
At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit and determine what package is right for you.


Step 3: 
If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me, or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.


Have questions? Email me.



What Moms are Saying about Working with Me:



Caroline was a pleasure to work with! She took the time to understand our daughters specific sleep needs and helped us customize a schedule that worked for her. We got her early wake-ups and her DLS transition sorted out within 10 days. I am so happy we aren’t waking up at 5 am anymore and our baby girl is happy and well rested. Thank you Caroline, your help and support was well worth it!

--Jessica S., Houston, TX
Mom to Claire, 16 mo.














We had a great sleeper up until the time our little one learned to walk, which happened to be around the same time he was ready to transition to one nap, and resulted in a month of early morning wakings that threw our entire schedule out the window. Thankfully I sought Caroline’s help (my only regret is not doing it sooner) and she put us at ease immediately.


She knows her stuff and the plan she created for our child got him back to a normal waking time and transitioned to one nap seamlessly in three days. Bottom line: Everything she told me to do worked! Every question or challenge that arose she had an answer and solution for. But what sets Caroline apart is her compassion, positive attitude, and her genuine care for her clients (both the child and the parents).


--Stephanie P., Edgewater, NJ







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