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You love being a Mom and marvel every day at your tiny miracle, but make no mistake you miss your sleep!

You wake up exhausted every morning reminiscing of your pre-children days when you could sleep in as late as you wanted. You and your spouse are in a repeated nightly cycle of doing whatever it takes to make your baby sleep, hoping to buy yourselves two or three hours of shut-eye. 


You’ve tried “all the things,” but nothing is working, and you're in a ground hog day of exhaustion and desperation wondering if you just have to accept the fact that this is your new normal!?


Hi, I’m Caroline, founder of Bedtime Boss. I was once that desperate and exhausted Mom, but I came out on the other side. So can you.



I help exhausted moms and dads get their babies and toddlers sleeping through the night. I coach parents through a gentle process that will have their child peacefully sleeping through the night in as little as two weeks -  leaving them refreshed, recharged and loving parenthood.

My Journey into Sleep Consulting


When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did my fair share of baby book reading – but they all centered on pregnancy and birthing. In my mind, that was the hard part, and once baby got here, everything else would just fall into place, right?

​Well, as we all know, not exactly.

​​I was so grateful to experience the birth I envisioned, and even more so that my daughter was a phenomenal sleeper. She naturally started out sleeping five to six hour stretches, slept wherever I plopped her down for 90 plus minutes, and by three months old was sleeping ten hours at night.

I totally lucked out in the baby department (or so I thought). This newborn thing? Easy peasy!


And then it all changed.


Two days shy of my daughter turning four months old, I returned to my career in Corporate America. Oh what cruel irony that the morning I returned to work was the worst sleep of my daughter’s life. She woke up four times that night, which meant I woke up four times trying to console her – rock her, feed her, whatever it took to get her back to sleep.

Needless to say, my goal of looking and feeling like a million bucks my first day back at the office post maternity leave did not exactly happen. Not only was I an emotional wreck leaving my baby girl all day for the very first time, but I was also physically exhausted.

As I was reintegrating into the workflow of spreadsheets, meetings and conference calls, I kept it together just enough so I didn’t bawl my eyes out at the office; I saved that for the car ride home.

I rushed home to see my sweet baby, so grateful to be back with her, but also assuming this bad night was a fluke and her sleep would certainly return  to normal.  

But it didn’t.

It went on for weeks. My former angelic sleeper was turning every night into a circus, and I was racking my brain as to WHY!?

Could she sense my mom guilt about returning to work?

Was she waking just to make up for the time she now wasn’t seeing me during the day?

Was I subconsciously doing something different that was making her wake?

What I know now is that it was none of the above.

My daughter was simply experiencing the four month sleep regression – the first sleep regression all infants encounter where their brains begin to experience lighter levels of sleep, and hence more night time wake ups.

So there I was, a few weeks into balancing motherhood and a corporate career, and it was awful. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and wanted to quit both. 


All I knew is that something had to change.


 The Turning Point


Through some internet searches on “baby sleep,” I came across a sleep program that made perfect sense. As I dug in more, it was an AH HA  moment when I realized that what I had been doing all along to “help” my daughter sleep, were actually the things that were causing her to wake incessantly throughout the night.

I was intrigued by the suggestions in this program; at this point, anything was worth a shot.

In less than ten days, my daughter was sleeping through the night and effortlessly going down for naps.

And equally important, I  was getting eight hours of sleep – hallelujah!

It was life changing. 

I actually felt refreshed when Ii woke up  for the first time in weeks. I could think clearly at work. I was excited to take on new projects and being a new mom felt fun again.

My enthusiasm for this method was contagious and I found myself sharing tips and tricks with my new mom friends who were suffering from lack of sleep. I was officially an unofficial ambassador for sleep training.

Little did I know that a new opportunity was on the horizon.

Several months down the road I spoke to an intuitive guide. She told me that my energy was centered on helping people in a teaching capacity. I kind of brushed it off because that seemed so far off the mark, and in no way aligned with my professional career.  

Several weeks later, a series of random events occurred, and I realized the joy and satisfaction of helping moms overcome their children's sleep challenges was something I was meant to do! 

I have been personally trained by the creator of the Sleep Sense™  program, whose methods have been used worldwide by more than 100,000 families to quickly and easily solve their children's sleep problems.

Today, I get to help moms and dads teach their little ones how to sleep through the night and take age appropriate naps. I help parents who:


  • Feel hopeless about how to get their newborn adjusted to some semblance of a sleep pattern;

  • Wake up exhausted wondering if they will ever feel well rested again;

  • Still sleep in separate rooms because moving baby to his own room just seems too daunting;

  • Cajole, rock, and feed their baby multiple times throughout the night because there just doesn’t seem to be any other solution.

I love my work as a sleep consultant, and I’m thankful for the opportunities to make a tangible difference in my clients’ lives.

On top of that, those sleep skills have stuck with my daughter for the long haul. At age three, she still sleeps a glorious twelve hours of overnight sleep, and takes an amazing nap at daycare.

 If you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep challenges, please know it doesn’t have to be this way.  I’d love to help you find a solution.

To learn more, check out my Work With Me Page, or send me an email:

Cheers to Sleep!

caroline back to work.jpg

What I had been doing all along to “help” my daughter sleep, were actually the things that were causing her to wake incessantly throughout the night.

My daughter, Savannah, and me about one week after I returned to work following a four month maternity leave. Lots of makeup hid those dark circles as I was barely holding it together.

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