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"Caroline helped us tremendously. Jeremy is now put down in his crib fully awake and will go to sleep for a nap and at bedtime in his crib! We did all of our meetings on the computer or phone . . . super convenient. She was a lifesaver for this fussy sleeper and tired mama."

Renee K.
Austin, TX

Jeremy Kreisner.jpeg
Jeremy, 16 months

"Caroline exceeded our expectations! From the start, she was kind, compassionate, and truly understood the stress we felt. We thought that our baby would be the one baby that wouldn’t respond to sleep training because we felt like we had tried everything! But we were wrong. Our daughter went from waking hysterically 3-5 times a night, to sleeping completely through the night after less than a week. Since she was born, she had slept through the night less than five times, so this was a miracle for us! We are so so thankful to Caroline and recommend her full-heartedly! Totally worth the investment."

Jillian K.
Austin, TX

Elodie, 13    months

"Working with Caroline was one of the best decisions we've made so far as new parents. There is so much unknown with raising these new little people, and having Caroline create a custom, streamlined framework for us to follow (but with some wiggle room) was beyond helpful. Our little boy "caught on" to the method fairly quickly, and it restored a sense of peace in our home. Our house will never be as peaceful as it was pre-baby, but it's a new kind of peace and normal that we wouldn't trade for anything. Thank you!"

Erin R.

Austin, TX

graham 6 months.jpg
Graham, 6 months

"Caroline is wonderful. She worked closely with our family for 2 weeks to help our little guy sleep through the night, as well as provide traveling tips and help us transition to daycare. And she know's her stuff, is personable and helpful on every crazy question I had. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

Heidi T.

Dripping Springs, TX

Archie Tilson 12 mo.JPG
Archie, 12 months

"Caroline was such a breath of fresh air during a very weary season after 4 months of complete sleep deprivation. Our little guy struggles with GERD so I was even more hesitant to sleep train him. Caroline was gentle in her approach and gave us a plan that we felt comfortable and confident carrying out. At just shy of 4 months, our kiddo went from his longest stretch of sleep being 4-5 hours (and then multiple night wakings and feedings the remainder of the night) to 10 hours the first night and 12 the second night! It only got better from there for the two weeks that she worked alongside us. She was super responsive (I had SO many questions), calmed my fears, and affirmed me in my efforts. I also love being able to follow her social media page to continue to get tips and tricks for baby sleep. Caroline has been such a blessing to our family, and I cannot recommend her enough."

Jessica K.

Austin, TX

William, 4 months
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