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My Best Summer Travel Tip - the SlumberPod!

It’s almost officially summer and that means that travel season is in full effect! I have often heard the term that traveling with children is not really a vacation, it’s more appropriately termed a “trip.”

If that rings true for you, one thing is for certain - when both baby and parents sleep well, a “trip” may actually turn into a “vacation!“

Enter one of my favorite sleep products and a “must have” when it comes to traveling with your baby or young toddler – the SlumberPod!

The SlumberPod was actually a Shark Tank invention from a mother-daughter team and has transformed the lives of thousands of vacationing parents (it certainly did for us).

This life changing device is a lightweight and portable contraption that is placed over a pack and play or mini crib to provide a pitch-black sleeping environment that is breathable and safe for your little one.

My number one sleep tip for parents is to provide their child with a pitch-black sleeping environment! This is by far the EASIEST and one of the few things we as parents have one hundred percent control over. The SlumberPod provides a pitch-black environment even on a beach in the middle of the day.

When my daughter was 15 months old, we took her to Kauai and stayed in a hotel room with floor to ceiling windows. It worked like a charm. Baby girl got her nap, restorative overnight sleep, and most importantly Mom and Dad were rested enough to explore and enjoy the island!

Keep in mind that it is most ideal to introduce your little one to the SlumberPod sometime in their first year of life – ideally in the 4 to 9 months range so that baby can become accustomed to it. (It can scare some young toddlers, and potentially turn into a struggle to get them to be receptive to it.) So, it’s best to acclimate your baby to the SlumberPod early on – even if you have to set it up in a spare room and have them sleep in there periodically to become accustomed to it.

It also works great for room sharing. I have a friend whose daughter just turned two and has been sleeping in the SlumberPod since infancy. She shares a room with her four-year-old brother, and since he goes to bed later than she does, it works perfectly as a constant blacked-out sleeping area.

Use code BEDTIMEBOSS for $20 off your purchase when ordering from the SlumberPod website.

Happy Summer!

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